I first really noticed Anna Kendrick when I saw Pitch Perfect with some friends. I fell in love with her character’s attitude and spunk. Ever since, I have kept an eye out for her. It doesnt hurt that Anna Kendrick is every bit as spunky and hilarious as the character she played in Pitch Perfect. So when I was perusing the bookstore and found Kendrick’s book I immediately grabbed it.

If there was ever a book written about someone else’s life that could encapsulate my own understanding of growing up and becoming an adult, Kendrick nails it. In a series of whimsical anecdotes and eerily familiar cringe-inducing situations, Kendrick lays out a deeply personal and inspiring look at the life on the other side of fame. In it is a resonant story of coming of age in a confusing time and place. layered throughout the tale is the tension between desiring to not conform and the desire to see others be happy. Though I could never compare to her life, her articulation of these situations reminded me a lot of my own (very much ongoing) struggles.

Kendrick’s writing style is as engrossing as the stories she tells. The first time I sat down to read, I looked up fifty pages later, thinking only a short time had passed. Kendrick engages the reader in such a way that you feel as if this is an intimate conversation; a story told on her sofa both of you wearing her much loved sweatpants. At one point, Kendrick conspiratorially adds that you and she are good enough friends by now that she can tell us a secret. And that is truly how it felt.

Scrappy Little Nobody paints such a warm and inviting picture that I almost felt that at the end, if I ever saw Anna Kendrick I would be tempted to strike up a conversation as though we were long lost friends. (Though I would never do this, less I become fodder her her next novel)

Without a doubt, this book is a priceless addition to any young person’s Christmas list.