Dunbar-Ortiz’s work, An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States presents the United States from the perspective of the Indigenous Peoples whom we, as a nation conquered and the ongoing systematic racism and discrimination these communities still face.

The book is an eye-opener. It undercuts at every single myth of Americana and leaves untouched no President for their involvement or complicity in the subjugation of Indigenous Peoples.

This is in many ways the hardest book review I have written. The work is astoundingly interesting and depressing. It is full of acts of evil and resistance. But it is precisely the way in which these acts are laid out that make this review so difficult.

There are so anythings that we hold sacred in America that are built on the systematic oppression and genocide. My words here are so inadequate.

Read this book and work to make the changes needed to give back the rights of these people who we so needlessly destroyed.