My Own Words by Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Mary Harnett and Wendy W. Williams is a collection of speeches, letters and other writings of Ruth Bader Ginsburg tracing her life and legal career from grade school to senior liberal Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. The novel is beautifully written by Justice Ginsburg and is carefully annotated by Harnett and Williams.

My Own Words was originally intended to follow a biography of RBG, however as her tenure on the bench continued, RBG reversed the publishing order, saving her biography for later.

The novel is a must read for fans of “Notorious RBG” or those who find the judiciary and Supreme Court endlessly fascinating (as I do). The novel traces the life of a figure who has attained a seat on the highest court in the land, but remains refreshing and at times frankly humorous. What to me was most striking was the respect Ginsburg has for the judiciary and her admission that it was very many times luck that got people on the Supreme Court.

It wasn’t that I felt the Justices all believed they were smarter than everyone else, but it was the frankness and honesty in this admission that seems to undergird so much of the book. It was this assessment that explains why the Court turns down so many cases. They don’t need to question the other Federal Courts because they trust their wisdom.

The grace and frankness of Justice Ginsburg in this book shines through. Her calm wit, adoring love of her late husband Marty and her abiding love of her job and the sense of purpose she gains from it shine through.

This book is easy to read and gives you a glimpse into the life and times of a Supreme Court Justice and their thinking on a variety of issues. Pick a copy up now!