With all of the concerns over healthcare, the Trump-Russia investigation, and immigration there is a lot to be concerned about in the country. One would even think that this would be a ripe time for Democrats to get their act together and come up with a cohesive message. Then the Democrats released some perspective 2018 slogans: “Have you seen the other guys?” “Make Congress Blue Again” and “Resist Persist”.


Since when did the party of Stronger Together, Change We Can Believe In, Putting People First and Prosperity and Progress embrace derivative slogans? When did the party that ended DADT, fought for LGBT Rights, signed the Civil Rights Act and helped pull us out of the Great Depression and Great Recession capitulate to the Republicans on messaging?

“Have you seen the other guys?” Really? This is what you want to run a tough election on? Not an inspirational message to vote for you, but a mediocre reason to vote against the other guy? You do realize this was essentially the theme of the last few months of the 2016 Presidential Election. We lost that one. Maybe going back to the dry well here isn’t the best idea. This slogan doesn’t pass the smell test.

“Make Congress Blue Again” is nothing short of derivative. You can’t reference the slogan of the other party in your own slogan. You sound like a petty copycat. The slogan reminds everyone of President Trump’s slogan. It hints at nothing new. Only a coy copycat of the winner.

“Resist Persist” is the best of the three. And I don’t even like that one. What are we resisting? Trump, Republican healthcare? What? And Persist for what? What am I fighting for? What do I persist for? There is no real message here. This is an effective message at a rally when you are preaching to the converted. Getting new converts? not so much.

If the Democrats want to win back some real seats and get their power back, they need a better message. They need to inspire, not copy; motivate not imitate. There needs to be a sense of looking forward and not backward. Leaning in and not out. Appeal to those that didn’t vote for you last time. Convince them.