Once again, Serena Williams has been stopped in the U.S. Open semifinals. This is the second straight year that she has lost in this round. Maybe it was her shoulder. Maybe it was the tension, the expectations and the history. Either way the loss stings.

But tennis is always tough. You are the lone person on the court. Its you and your opponent through the good, the bad and the ugly. Through the winners, the unforced errors and the double faults.

Serena is a champion and this is simply a hiccup on her way. Though she hasn’t made the final the last two years, it is hard to believe that she is done winning at Arthur Ashe stadium.

Too many times Serena has been counted out. And just as many times she has surprised the haters and won. Extremely relevant to me now is her win in Australia in 2007. She was unseeded, unranked and out of her typical fighting shape. But she still dug deep and was able to beat Sharapova in the final.

I have no doubt that Serena will again rise to the occasion, take her 23rd Major and then move on to tie and perhaps surpass Margaret Court.