What a change a weak can bring. A week ago we were learning from Trump and his ilk that America was so close to collapse that a slight breeze might bring it to its knees. This week, optimism, democracy and a solid belief in America took root with speakers as emotive as First Lady Michelle Obama as as powerful as President Obama to humble everyday Americans inspired by Hillay Clinton. 

Sure, the convention started off rough. The Wikileaks dump of DNC emails spurred conversations of a rigged system and caused the (much anticipated) toppling of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as head of the DNC. This first day was given to Bernie and his supporters, who were allowed to argue their case and voice their frustrations and passions. Sanders was heartfelt in his plea to continue his revolution and endorsing Clinton as the critical next step. 

Michelle Obama brought the party together and brought the house down with her incredible, personal and passionate endorsement of humanity, compassion and Clinton. Her speech brought the room together and began to heal the rift between the campaigns.

During the role call vote, Senator Sanders was the consummate gentleman and outstanding man when he called for Hillary Clinton to be voiced as the nominee. And who could forget the personal and touching vote of Sanders’ brother on the convention floor?

Bill Clinton delivered a personal (though at times quixotic) speech truly humanizing and personalizing Hillary

Wednesday was the night where Biden leveled his charges at Trump; where Tim Kaine accepted the VP nod and spoke in plain and honest English and Spanish about the way forward; and where Presodent Barack Obama embraced Clinton and gave a barn-burner of a speech! This was a night of galvanizing the party and preparing it for the general election

The final night was the night Hillary took the stage and, after a touching introduction from Chelsea, delivered a speech that was great. It was honest, sincere, unifying, inspirational, and motivational. She brought us together and prepared us for the fight ahead.

The DNC was uplifting, powerful, emotional and optimistic. It contrasts sharply with the RNC for whom the emphasis was on doom and gloom. 

Only one convention positioned American as a shining city on a hill and as exceptional. And it wasn’t the party of Reagan. These conventions leave no doubt as to who ought to be our next president. 

As for me? #ImWithHer