It has happened again. Another mass shooting that has taken the lives of too many innocent people. Should the police estimates hold, 14 people will lose their lives making this the sixth deadliest attack in American history and the largest since Sandy Hook. And you know what?

Im fucking tired of this.

I am tired of the stomach-clenching moment of sadness, pain and panic when I see the first news bulletin. I am tired of hearing that our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, I’m tired of the candlelight vigils, moments of silence and hashtags. I’m tired of politicians doing absolutely nothing other than looking appropriately saddened and wishing something could be done. I am disgusted that we have had too many reasons to call the President “Comforter in Chief”.

But more than all of these, I am sick of the notion that if everyone had guns we would be better off.

No. No, we wouldn’t

This was proven in Oregon where some of the students had concealed weapons and chose not to fire because of the confusion. Certainly Universal Carry proponents wouldn’t not think that these people were cowards.

But let us suspend our disbelief and travel down the wormhole and assume that we have an active shooter situation unfolding in an American building and that a significant amount of people at the building being attacked are armed. Lets assume a couple of these people have engaged the shooters. When the police show up how will they know who to go to? It may not be clear. Sometimes shooters wear gear that would make them distinguishable and sometimes they do not. If you are a police officer and lives are in danger how are you supposed to know which is which?

And if you are a concerned citizen who is using your gun to protect others how can you be certain that more innocents wont be caught in the crossfire? That your actions might not lead to the death of another?

To me the best action is not to have a heavily armed society where guns are plentiful and used in these situations. What is best is to follow safety protocols to shelter in place and allow the police to do their job. The police should have the power in these situations to come in and not have to worry about innocents acting as vigilantes. Instead of arming everyone, let us make these events rarer. Lets make these weapons of war harder (if not impossible) to get obtain and lets make sure that when we do allow citizens to have these weapons they are those most capable and responsible of peaceful and safe gun ownership.