After last night, I cant take it anymore. After listening to eleven candidates engage in political nonsense, misunderstanding civics and infantile name calling I can’t take it. I know awhile back I implored the Democratic party to have more debates and today I am renewing my call.

Last night was a mess. The frontrunner for the Republican nomination called a Senator ugly. Then engaged in a “uh-huh, nuh-uh” back and forth with Former Governor Jeb Bush. Huckabee told a bad joke about Mr. T and Senator Rubio told an off color joke about water that somehow managed to be awkward, self-depricating and nonchalant about the serious threat of drought in California. This from a man who’s state is likely to be submerged underwater if climate change is not confronted. I couldn’t even watch the whole prime time debate, let alone the undercard debate wherein Senator Lindsay Graham had to explain to a sitting Governor that blowing up the filibuster would be a lunatic strategy since there was a no veto proof majority on the bill in question.

So please, DNC, Hillary, anyone out there, please start the Democratic debates ASAP. It will not only reinvigorate the democratic side, it will also create the first real debate of ideas between the two sides. As the GOP Primary looks more and more like a circus, it pulls in record ratings for the pure spectacle of it. The Democrats need to get out there and debate to counteract the attention being given to these candidates.

I honestly don’t see a down side, just many upsides. First, the democratic message gets out there. Second the pressure being placed on the DNC and Chairwoman Wasserman-Schultz by candidates about the lack of debate goes away. Third, Hillary Clinton can go out there and talk about her ideas and make news apart from the slow blood-letting of her email controversy. Finally, the Democratic candidates can call the GOP candidates to the mat for their misunderstandings of civics, fact-free policy proposals and add some much needed seriousness to the election of the next leader of the Free World.